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Addiction is a condition that nobody wants to have to deal with. It is scary and all-consuming and can affect a person's life in a myriad of unexpected and undesired ways. However, if you do find yourself struggling with an active addiction to drugs or alcohol, know that you are not alone. Millions of other people all across the United States and throughout the world are going through the same struggles that you are. The even better news is that there is a way out; a way to recover from your addiction. But you need help getting there. Mooreland Drug Treatment Centers can provide that help through our free addiction treatment referral and advisory services.

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What Is an Addiction?

One of the questions that many people do not even realize that they need to ask is what an addiction actually is. An addiction is often not what people assume it to be and that can be really important in framing their understanding of addiction treatment and recovery as a whole. Firstly, when a person has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, they do not have anything wrong with their character or their willpower. They may have always been the most strong-willed and upstanding citizen in the world before they were impacted by their addiction, but the issue of addiction can completely derail their personality and well-being.

Do not judge a person who suffers from an addiction and assumes that they have a choice in what is happening to them because if they had a choice, they would never have developed an addiction in the first place. Centers for addiction treatment in Mooreland can help you overcome your addiction.

With this information about addiction and what it is not, it is now time to focus on what an addiction truly is. An addiction is a disease. The disease of addiction is a condition that affects a person spiritually, mentally, and physically. The physical side of an addiction is often the side that is least recognized and understood. This is because most of the physical changes that occur when a person becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol are under the surface, and because they cannot be seen, people do not realize that they are occurring.

When a person develops their addiction to drugs or alcohol, the chemistry inside of their brain changes. The balance that the brain once had is lost when an addiction occurs. The brain becomes chemically dependent on the drug to function and to perform necessary chemical reactions that keep the mind and the body going.

A person's mental addiction to drugs or alcohol is on the feelings that the substance gives them. For example, if a person abuses a stimulant drug like cocaine, they are usually mentally addicted to the increased energy, mania, and euphoria they feel. This desire to repeatedly experience these effects are what make a person feel emotionally and mentally attached to a drug or alcohol.

Can You Recover from Addiction?

Luckily, it is not all bad news when it comes to addiction. While an addiction is a dark and dangerous path to go down, that path does not have to end in the worst possible way. There is hope to find a new path and to go down the path toward light rather than darkness. Recovery is possible but to find that path that leads toward the light in life rather than darkness, you need help. Mooreland Drug Treatment Centers can help you find that help that you need. Contact us today to learn how alcohol and drug rehabs in Mooreland or local area can help you.

How Mooreland Drug Treatment Centers Can Help

At Mooreland Drug Treatment Centers, we offer free advisory services to help connect you to the right addiction treatment center for you. What this means is that we are addiction industry experts that have a vast knowledge and understanding of addiction and the various addiction treatment options available to you in your search for recovery.

We work with a network of top-tier addiction treatment centers that provide patients with the most innovative and compassionate care around and we pride ourselves on working on behalf of drug and alcohol addicts and advocating for them.

Call Mooreland Drug Treatment Centers at (405) 708-6263 and no matter when you call, you will be connected to an advisor immediately. Your advisor will ask you a few questions about yourself and your addiction as well as what will be best suited to help you recover from your addiction.

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